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Palms For Every Party

Maybe it's the season, the trend, the burning desire to be in a tropical place; but honestly, if you add a palm leaf to just about any party decorating it looks ten times better! Don't think for a minute they only apply to tropical parties. From bohemian, tropical, outdoors, geometric, geodes, discos, metallic or pastel parties, they seem to fit in just about anywhere. Being a Cali girl living on the East Coast, I certainly love a palm leaf, tree, or anything that resembles Californian lifestyle for that matter, so it's safe to say I'm a bit bias.

These parties are a slice of palm perfection and are sure to inspire (each picture links to their full spread where possible). One tip when decorating with palms, if you can use a fresh leaf do it...because it looks so good when it's real. Oh, and there is a guide to the variety of tropical green leafs is at the bottom of this story with their 'real' names. It will come in handy when trying to order them from your florist. Now all leave you to enjoy this palm-fest!

BoHolidays by Beijos Events

Pastel Tropical Baby Shower by Lenzo

Tropical 1st Birthday Party by Beijos Events

Third Birthday by The Shift Creative

California Style Baby Shower on the East Coast

1st Birthday Party by Beijos Events

Bridal Shower by Beijos Events

Rose + Pineapples Poolside Party by Pure Joy Home

Boho Glam Wedding

Tropical Luncheon

Watermelon + Palms 1st Birthday Party

Tropical Baby Shower

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