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Sun Hats You Can't Vacay Without

Sun hats and beach vacations go together like cheese and crackers, separation of the two could be fatal! And these days the wide brim sun hat is pretty much essential for several reasons; prevention against (further) aging, avoiding trips to the doc for skin cancer and all the ughhhh that comes along with that...and although the first two points are clearly reason enough, I'd also argue that they are terribly fashionable.

Even if you aren't a lover of the wide brim, but enjoy a good sun hat, I think we can agree that they do not belong as a carry on when traveling. Simply put, hats on planes are annoying. Add in a kid or two to manage, maybe even a car seat...then hats are severely annoying. Good news; if you are traveling with a full size suitcase then your problems are solved. Yes, you can pack your hats and not crush them. Here's what you can find in my closet, along with some on my shopping list...and how to pack more than one (below).

Hat Attack Wide brim raffia braid sun hat with tassel and bead trim

Ale by Alessandra Wide Brim Hat

Lola's Hats Re-Alpargatas Wide Brim

Lack of Color Wide Brim Boater

Eric Javits Palermo Squishee Wide Brim Hat

Florabella Harper Wide Brim Sun Hat

Eugenia Kim "Do Not Disturb" Sun Hat

Lola Sun Hats "Strings" large brim fedora

Despite my love for the big brim, a smaller can be perfectly handy for the non-pool/ seaside sunny weather activities. So pack them both!

Yosuzi Fedora

Yosuzi Stela

Inverse Kathleen Straw Sun Hat

Rag & Bone Straw Panama Hat

Inverni Florence Striped Straw Fedora Hat

Halogen Straw Panama

Packing big and small brim hats in a full size suitcase is simple. Here's how:

  • Based on the hats you choose to pack, find the hat with the deepest crown height (the area of the hat your head goes in) and then put the other hats inside of stacking Russian Dolls. All the brims will end up being protected by the brims above or below them.
  • Find something soft and small (like swimsuits) to put in the crown of the hat that will be on the bottom of the stack - the one that truly lays on the floor of the suitcase.
  • Put nothing else under that hats. Let the brims be on the base of the case (on the side of the suitcase that does not have a handle bar system).
  • Pack your clothing into the case all around the crown of the stack of hats and on top of the brims which should be lying flat with nothing between or under them.
  • Enjoy!
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