Top 10 Tween Summer Fun Essential Gifts

Teen Moms, this one's for you! Or tween/ teen grandparents, family, friends...we know you aren't excluded from gifting, soooooo... The funniest part about this list is that the young(ish) ones will be fighting you off these gifts. Maybe it's because we all have a little kid inside us, and well, they also happen to be the trend in pop culture, and scream FUN. Who doesn't want to have a bit of fun, right?! Life's short, buy the pool float!

1. The best pool float ever

Funboy Rainbow Inflatable

2. Insta Capture

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

3. Yes, yes you are FUN beach towel

4. Giant UNO...the bigger the better.

Giant UNO

5. Waterproof Radio

Sunnylife Beach Sounds Radio

6. Visors, for the insta (pic). Party Visor

7. Slip-n-Slide style bowling for the real entertainment

Slide n Splash Bowling

8. Daisy Sippers

Daisy drink cup

9. The only way to joust this summer.

Hot Dog Jousting

10. #hashtag #matchinggame #selfexplanatory

Hashtag game

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