Nail Trend: Bye Bye Gels

For years I swore by the convenience of a gel manicure: the non-chip, two week love, that could bathe babies and literally last through long periods of water wading on vacations. It was great, while it lasted. But then my nails became terribly thin and the gels didn't stay perfectly in tact as long...since my poor little nail was so, so weak. So I said bye, bye, and swore only to have them for vacations. And the regular manicure, well, it only lasts a couple days before it looks ridiculous. So, I've been juggling the touch ups, or no-paint at all between manicures...until now.

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My regular nail salon had this new product from Essie, and it only took my three months to finally give it a try. The new product was Essie Couture; Essie's non-gel, gel-like nail polish system that came out in May this year. Good news, it does not require a UV light to dry it, and removes easily with regular nail polish remover. The result, not two weeks for me, but certainly a full week before my nails need a redo. Not bad. And reducing chance of skin cancer on my hands - major plus. As far as I can tell, my nails seem to be no worse off either! Win!

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And if you want all the detail on what makes this work and see swatches of the 42 shades, click HERE to read a full review by Beautygeeks.

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