The Denim Update

I know it seems like every fashion trend that comes along is a "wardrobe staple" or a "must-have", which makes it hard on your time and your wallet to keep up! But trust me when I say if there is one category to get right, it's denim. For me, this truly is the foundation of my wardrobe with each passing season. I know denim comes in a lot of different iterations, but I'm talking about your good ole' fashioned, trusty blue jeans. How much do I love jeans? Let me count the ways. No, but seriously, I could probably be inspired to write a sonnet.

With denim, aside from comfort, versatility is key and I can't remember a time when there has been more variety on the market than there is right now. Jeans are having a moment, so take advantage. Here is the update on denim styles you should be wearing!

Mother Sinner

AG Farrah Skinny Ankle

AG Isabelle High-Rise

DL 1961 Florence Skinny Crop

Madewell Perfect Summer Jean

Mother Swooner Roller Crop

Levis 505 C Cropped Slim Straight

3x1 Crop Straight Fringe

FRAME Le Skinny De Jeanne

The Great Almost Skinny

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