The Coolest Hotel

I can safely say that I have never been a fan of being cold, but this experience looks like one that needs to be added to just about everyone's bucket list. Not a new concept by any means, but new every year since 1989, the ICEHOTEL is one of those insanely unique, crushworthy, picture-says-a-million-words experiences that some are lucky to have had. The very short explanation goes something like this; a hotel established nearly 30 years ago with both cold rooms and the more traditional warm rooms, with the 'ice' part of the hotel rebuilt every single year - designed and crafted by over 40 artists from around the world.

And as if the hotel wasn't enough, it's also known for the majestic overnight aurora borealis, or northern lights experience, in what is probably one of the best locations to experience it. So if you are planning on booking in a stay at this heart-eyes-emoji place, they suggest you book one night in a cold room and a few in the warm room. And it may be a VERY long shot, but if you just happen to be in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, you can book a day ticket to tour the ICEHOTEL and learn about how this fascinating place works. In the meantime, I'll leave you with these images of the hotel.

ICEHOTEL entrance

White Cathedral designed by Nicolas Triboulot and Fernand Manzi

ICEHOTEL entrance PC

Melting Pot

Crystal Forest designed by Victor Tsarski and Wouter Biegelaar

Flow designed by Francisco Cortes Zamudio

The Victorina Apartment Designed by Luca Roncoroni

Don't Get Lost designed by Tommy Alatalo

The warm room experience.




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