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The Brand That Knows How to Collab: Solid & Striped

Solid & Striped may as well be deemed the brand that can do no wrong. Not only are their suits amazing, instant classics, flattering and well fitting, every brand collaboration they put their hands on happens to make us (and most likely everyone else) love them that much more. So since we're doing a little 'praise hands' over here, we might as well share the latest brand collabs that are making us partial.

In walks the collaboration with Staud Clothing (an awesome brand with clean lines and vintage vibes) and out walks another collection of poolside delight...great suits, and more. And if you haven't heard of Staud Clothing, you can lust now and thank us later. For all the Staud X Solid & Striped swimwear >> click here.

Although it has been and gone...so quickly, there was the SoulCycle x Solid & Striped collab earlier this summer. The classic looks from Solid & Striped updated with SoulCycle's signature color made for a perfect stripe, take-me-to-South Beach feel, and we can't help but think of how great it can look basking under a number of beach umbrellas.

And if that wasn't enough brand collab news...then we heard about Solid & Stripe's collaboration with 13 supermodels producing a capsule collection called the "Swim Team" launching in 2018. So even though Summer 2017 may be coming to a close, now we have plenty of reason to be excited for Solid & Stripe's 2018 swimwear..and most likely anything they do in between. Easy to say, we'll be staying tuned!

Solid & Striped Swim 2018Via Harpers Bazaar

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