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Silk Pillows

It's a good thing I am married, because I certainly don't look as spritely as I used to those first few moments (okay, maybe 30 minutes) after I initially wake up in the morning. As the years fly by I have to remind myself to increase efforts to preserve my youth on the beauty side, and it's become a little surprising to wake up with creases in my face and eyes from heavy sleeps. It makes me think of movies where girls get out of bed, freshen up, and then climb back in to appear as they just wake up that beautiful. Yeah, right. I'm certainly over that, not that I was ever up for that in the first place.

So when I first heard about silk pillows my mind instantly went to silk bedsheets and I thought...hmmm, what exactly is the wellness purpose of this? Now, no matter what the case, sleeping in silk is not a necessarily a bad idea. But when a silk pillowcase promises you protection for your delicate facial skin and hair, and ensures a night of restorative beauty sleep, I don't think I know anyone who wouldn't consider it. And I love that it doesn't add any extra steps into my nighttime regime! So if you're hunting for another way to keep your beauty about you...here are the brands making 'the' silk pillowcase.

SLIP Silk Pillowcase

Dryer Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase

Skin Laundry Sleepcycle Pillowcase

Morning Glory Pillowcase

Spasilk Facial Beauty Pillowcase

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