The List of Non-Political Party Talking Points

Pretty sure we can all admit that it's the most polarizing time in the country with the current election for our next US President under way. It also happens to be the holiday-making, party-going season of the year...which could now be considered a terribly tricky time to bring people together. Needless to say, any talk of politics is a sure buzzkill at any party...and we are fairly confident the topic won't have fizzled out by the time we're having turkey dinners, and perhaps not even after Santa visits. So, to help you through all the parties we're sure you are about to attend, we've put together a list of what to talk about...happy alternatives to keep you're party-going merry and bright.

Topic: Fashion

Who doesn't love to talk about clothes...well, at least women that is. Guess this is a "gals" topic, or one for that super cool dude. Love a man who can talk about clothes.

How to get the conversation going? Compliment their outfit (if worthy) and then talk about a brand, trend, whatever common ground you find. Equally, jewelry fits in well here. And watches on the mens side.

Topic: TV shows

The truth is most busy women don't have much time for TV, but you pick it up one way or another - in your Facebook feed, on You Tube, or by chance late at night when the day is finally done (or so you think, until a kid wakes up in the night). And, TV is probably one of the easiest common grounds to find with anyone.

How to get the conversation going? Nope, this is not the "did you catch Oprah today" sort of icebreaker, but more like..."I was watching SNL last night, and I'm so in love with Alec Baldwin right now. Did you see it?" Ok, scratch may get the political topic going. But you get the idea. Just substitute the show.

Topic: Hair

Maybe a topic best kept for soirees in the city...since suburban hair experiences can often end in tears. But, all joking is an instant icebreaker, totally chat-worthy, and I've yet to meet a woman who doesn't enjoy a hair conversation.

How to get the conversation going? Compliment someone's hair style, color or cut...where do they get it done, or what tools/ product they use to make it look so good...and then you are off to the races!

Topic: Mom-ing

Let's face it, if you're a mom, and you meet another mom...there is plenty to talk about. I'm not suggesting diapers, or all the heavy lifting, sob stories of motherhood, but the sort of wink, wink...#youknowifyouknow. It's like a club.

How to get the conversation going? Party without kids..."so lovely to be out of the house, dressed well (well...better than other times), and enjoying this cocktail without a kid up in my grill." Party with kids... "I'm going to try to enjoy one conversation and cocktail before someone is tugging on my leg. Maybe they can turn on a movie for the kids to get stuck into."

Topic: Travel

You probably went somewhere, or several places this year...or still have plans to go away before the year is over. Chances are, so did everyone else at the party you're attending. And travel naturally lends to healthy story telling.

How to get the conversation going? If you live somewhere cold..."I can't believe how cold it is. I want to get on a plane and head somewhere warm. Any suggestions?" If you live somewhere warm...sorry, I have no sympathy for you, and you can move on to the next talking point. Only kidding! Try talking about a snowy destination. Wink.

Topic: Winter Activities

It's winter. It's time for snow...and snow recreation is a popular topic.

How to get the conversation going? Find someone who hits the slopes and compare notes on your favorite destinations for skiing, and all the rest that goes along with a good ski trip...spas, shopping and more. "Looking forward to a little down time after the holidays. We're planning to do some skiing in xxx (wherever you are headed/ go often). Do you ski? What are your favorite spots?"

Topic: Holiday shopping

This year has flown by. And it's sort of the same feeling for everyone I talk to. So, it's easy to bet that no one is prepared for the holiday gifting that is around the corner. #yikes

How to get the conversation going? "I can't believe it's already the middle of November and we're at a holiday party...I'm going to need to tell Santa that Amazon is the only way to get all the Christmas shopping done and delivered on time this year. Does anyone have a cheat sheet of great gift ideas? I'm all out creativity on this front."

Topic: Books

Naturally, a good topic for book parties/ clubs....if you're not at one, it may be a bit odd to just bring up a book.

How to get the conversation going? Look for another opener in the dialogue...listen to what people are talking about and then angle off on that with a good book that you read, or are reading that is on point! Or you can just talk about Jimmy's book club.

Topic: Blogs/ Digital publications

The other type of reading. Most everyone is reading something (or everything) digital...blogs, publications.

How to get the conversation going? Share something that is relevant to the day (or that night/ party/ conversation) that you recently read on a blog or publication. You can always ask who their fave lifestyle blogger/ publication is. And, we understand if LIKELY CRUSH is part of the conversation. It's only natural. Wink.

Topic: Work

Since people spend most of their time working, it's often something they are very comfortable talking about and sharing...sort of a no brainer...but not always the sexiest topic...and sometimes a bit of a faux pas to start off with. But if people love what they do, it's a topic that is sure to come up.

How to get the conversation going? Avoid text book "so, what do you do?" and try starting off with a splinter statement...

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