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Crushworthy Kids Plates

If you have a little, you've surely had a challenge or two in the eating department. Hands down, it's a super frustrating phase (or several) your kid goes through. They look something like this; not wanting to eat, not liking the food, making a mess, not wanting to sit at the table...the list goes on. So, in efforts to try to abate the issues, fun plates can play a helping role. And these are my absolute favorites for various reasons. If your child is perfection in the dining department, you are damn lucky, and I am damn jealous! Feel free to send me your secrets...


Yum Yum Bowl

Bear Tray

Fred & Friends

Food Face

Taco Truck

Tug Bowl


Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl & Baby Spoon

Bamboo Stay Put Suction Divided Plate

Petits Et Maman

Wooden Spaceship Plate

Wooden Elephant Plate


Happy Mat

Mini Mat

Happy Bowl


Meal Time Set

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