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Happy Carb-ing

Let's get down to the facts...this month calorie counting goes out the window and in comes cookies, cocktails and plenty of delicious carbs. Sure, there are a million other things that come into our lives and diets this month, but don't overlook the joys of the simplest pleasure; BREAD.

And just to make sure bread gets the stage it deserves, we're rounding up must try recipes for your holiday merry carb-ing.

Pumpkin Bread

Traditionally festive and so, so good. Especially in the morning with a cup of coffee. And when cooked just right...not too long. Click > Here for recipe.

Smitten Kitchen

Country Bread

None other than Chard Robertson's country bread recipe (from Tartine Bakery in San Francisco). Seriously, there is no other option once you try this! Click > Here for recipe.

New York Times

Harvest Focaccia

Grapes, raisins, walnuts and rosemary in FOCACCIA...calling all salty bread lovers. And if you don't like nuts, just remove from the recipe. Oh, and love the idea of a touch of lemon zest added to this. Click > Here for recipe.

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Would it really be December without Gingerbread? Anything dusted with powder sugar is good in our books. Another great companion for coffee! Click > Here for recipe.


Whole Wheat English Muffins

Must be served warm with BUTTER. The more butter, the merrier! Click >Here for recipe

New York Times

Banana nut bread

This has a place in your life year round...bananas are always in season! Click > Here for recipe

Martha Stewart

Classic Panettone

It would be rude not to include this classic German Christmastime bread. Although they can be bought essentially everywhere...go homemade for the win. Click > Here for recipe.


Fry Bread

Yes, yes, fry bread. Born in America. Nothing else needs to be said. Click > Here for recipe.

Martha Stewart

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