Seaesta Surf PC @taryn_kent

The Coolest Boys' Board Shorts

Turns out not having a mini boy around the house is heart breaking when you stumble on the most delicious boys' board shorts for the season. So for all the #boymamas out there, this one is for you. Be kind, share your pictures with us over on insta (#likelycrushlittles). We'll just be over here living vicariously through them. Surfs up!

Seasta Surf, Mango Sri Palms PC @chrissyjpowers

Seats Surf, Surf Eat Nap board shorts

Finger In the Nose, Waveboy Beach Surf Shorts

Finger In the Nose, Surfy Vulcano Leaves Surf Short

Tom & Teddy, Violet Kangaroos

Tom & Teddy, Orange & White Dolphin boy shorts

Molo, Big Wave Boardies

Minnow Swim Stripe Boardie

Stella Cove, Panda shorts

Mini Boden, swim shorts

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