My Skin is Glossier

I don't know about you, but I don't consider myself to be a high maintenance person when it comes to personal care. I tend to love brands that feel simple, clean, fresh...the look we are all longing for on our face, right!? I've tried a slew of products through recommendations, and tend to think that I'm doing alright, at least looking my age or a touch younger. And then I met Glossier. Truthfully, I found them on Instagram via someone I follow, liked the imagery and brand tone (ugh such a branding junkie), and ever since I've been obsessed with their multipack of serums "The Supers". When are any two days the same, skin-wise? How about, never. In walks three serums to choose from. And, yes my skin is Glossier. I may not fall into their typical age demographic which skews a little younger, but I'm good with that...I can pretend I do. Wink. Let's face it, I'm not getting extra/ enough beauty sleep these "mom" days, so I know what/ who to thank. What Glossier has going on is pretty cool. Take a peak...

The Super Pack

Different Days, Different Ways. Amen.

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