Friendsgiving Party Table Inspiration

Who's ready for November festivities? We're in the camp of ready-ish, but not prepared. If you're with us, then these #friendsgiving / #thanksgiving party tables may help inspire you into preparation. Here's ten trends to get you in the mood.


Rustic, moody and if you go big...they can certainly leave a lasting impression.

Via Max Gill Design


Keep it light...not the food...just the decor. Go white and green, with muted accents on your table. Or go tonal. Either way, white is always a design-conscious crowd pleaser.

PC @homeyohmy

Via Apartment Therapy

Delicate green garland

If you like the idea of saving room on the table for the food, just decorate the walls.

Via Seoul Apothecary

Muted Pumpkins

Natural fibers and muted pumpkins for the farm house feeling.

PC Ella Claire Inspired


In a centerpiece or running the table, our eucalyptus crush (in nearly all varieties) is still going on...years later.

Via Domino


Any excuse to use feathers is a good one...and lavender.

PC Finding Home Farms


It just says "Thanksgiving".

Via Jenni Kayne

Decorate pumpkins/ fruit

Write on things...white pumpkins, fruit, rocks...get creative.

PC Minted

Laura Hoope Calligraphy

Airless plants

And we can't forget about one of the coolest plants out there. Incorporate. Somewhere.

Via Stagetecture


May there always be a cactus on your table...and pumpkin pie isn't all that bad either.

Via @fluxi


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