Mara Hoffman

Fashion Trend: Lace Up

Yes, you read it...lace up. I'm sure you've been seeing all the lace up details on designer to chain store clothing this season, and despite feelings you (or I) may have had about it from the past, this season's lace ups are scoring high in the 'cool' books. The once thought of risqué detail has been reworked and in most cases bears no resemblance to lingerie. Just have a may just change any previous opinions that were holding you back from this trend.

Mara Hoffman, Lace Up Bustier Top

Zara,Lace Up Crop Top

Splendid, Cotton Twill Lace Up Pant

Marysia, Lace Up Bikini

Ella Johnson, Marcell Lace-up Dress

Capulet Veronica Shift

T. LA, Lace Up Sweatshirt

Marysia, Waikiki Lace Up Dress

Mara Hoffman, Lace Up One Piece Swimsuit

Zara, Lace Up Dress

Mara Hoffman, Lace Up Mini Dress

AG, Lace Up Top

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