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Fashion Trend: Jumpsuits

You know when you are shopping for something and you can never find it? Well, if you are in the mood for a jumpsuit or two - problem solved...just keep reading. I cannot get enough jumpsuits right now. Maybe it's the models that make them look so cool, or that bohemian flair that comes along with an easy breezy jumpsuit, or the fact that midi is everywhere and jumpsuits are hitting that trend too. Whatever the case may be, I literally want to jump into them all right now, like a kid that can't get enough cookies. Serious problem. So here are my top picks (read: shopping list) for spring / summer jumpsuits. And if you are thinking you can't wear them...you're just not tall enough...Wrong! Grab some wedges or heels and wear away!

Just Like Mimi Jumpsuit

Fallin For You

Dancing Horses Jumpsuit

Ecoulement Jumpuit

Petersyn Belle Stripe Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

Crochet Tank Jumpsuit

Chambray Jumpsuit

Sydney Sky Jumpsuit

Leaves Print Jumpsuit

French Connection Essien Culotte Jumpsuit

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