Shake, Shake, Shake...Extreme Milkshakes

Right about now, we are all just about to implode with the Christmas tasks. And if you are organized and just sitting back sipping wine, hats off to you! Either way, today is time to do something for yourself, after all it's Christmas Eve. And yes, there is plenty of wine and christmas snacks to indulge on (P.S. today and tomorrow don't count - eat your heart out), but what about a fun, extreme shake (aka freakshake) and some fries? Sort of the best combo ever. And how often do you really have a shake and fries? So, pick up some fries from the frozen food section to throw in the oven and try one of these swoon-worthy shakes. Even though a classic vanilla never disappoints...these look irresistible. Go on. Merry Christmas Eve!

Circus Cookies Shake

No matter how discerning I believe my taste can be at times (not always), I'll never grow out of my love for a few circus animal cookies. If you are with me... Click HERE for recipe.

Circus Cookies Milkshake by Salty Canary

Nutella & Salty Pretzel Milkshake

Let's be honest, chocolate and salt belong together, and if ice-cream is involved it's a no-brainer. Click HERE for recipe.

PC Michael Wiltbank Via Domino

Strawberry Freakshake

It's pink, involves a donut and prosecco gummy bears. Enough said. Click HERE for recipe.

Strawberry Freakshake via Lakeland Skice

Cereal Milkshake

Who says milkshakes aren't for breakfast? Not I. Click HERE for recipe.

Cereal Milkshake by Salty Canary

Candy Cane Crunch Shake

While this may not be as extreme as the others, it's just too festive to miss. So if you desire making a freakshake out of it, just add tons of candy canes and go wild! For the ultimate Christmas shake Click HERE.

Candy Crunch Shake by Iwashyoudry.com

Birthday Cake Shake

Since any day is a good day for a Birthday Cake Milkshake. This one from Aww Sam. Click HERE for recipe.

Birthday Cake Milkshake by Awwsam.com

Crazy S'mores Milkshake

Calling all fellow marshmallow lovers...here it is...what you have been waiting for. Click HERE for recipe.

Crazy S'mores Milkshake by A Side of Sweet

Oreo Heaven Milkshake

Nostalgia is sweet...sweet as Oreos. Really. Growing up my brother and I loved the Oreo Speedwagon Milkshake from TGIF...it's not around any more, but this is a mighty fine replacement. Click HERE for recipe,

Oreo Cookie Milkshake by Salty Canary

Churro Milkshake with Dulcet De Leche

Bring the fair to home...stick a churro in your shake and call it a day. Click HERE for recipe.

Churro Milkshake with Dulcet De Leche via Half Baked Harvest

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