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We are big fans of The Coveteur, and loving what we've seen of their new book THE COVETEUR PRIVATE SPACES, PERSONAL STYLE, which I will definitely be adding to my coffee table stack.

The Coveteur Private Spaces, Personal StyleAbrams

So, I thought I'd roundup my top list of go-to books. If you know me, you know I tend over-think things, and this is no exception. Finding the perfect books to stack on your table or line up on your shelf is tricky. A lot of times I find myself loving the cover, but the content falls short. Or vice-versa. And you want a conversation-starter worthy, total package, that you're not going to see in everyones home.

FASHION "The Little Black Jacket"

The Little Black JacketSteidl

FOODIE: "My Last Supper"

My Last SupperBloomsbury

LIFESTYLE: "Poolside With Slim Aarons"

Poolside With Slim AaronsAbrams

INTERIORS: "Jacques Grange Interiors"

Jacques Grange InteriorsFlammarion

BEAUTY: "Blow Me A Kiss"

Blow Me A KissPowerhouse

PHOTOGRAPHY: "Leroy Grannis Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s"

Leroy Grannis Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970sTaschen

COLORING BOOK: "Paris Street Style A Coloring Book"

Paris Street Style A Coloring BookPotter Style / Anthropologie


Diane Keaton: HouseRizzoli

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