Lane & Mae

Brand Crush: Lane & Mae

We may be on the brink of the warmer months of the year, but when I took one look at these blankets I almost began to wish it was still winter...and anyone who knows me, knows that is something I would NEVER wish for. But the truth is, a home can never have too many amazing blankets, no matter the season. When I stumbled on the larger than life, handmade wool blankets from Lane & Mae it was as if my bedroom was missing an accessory it had been destined to have. Sure, anyone can tell these blankets would be heaven to wrap up in, but they're equally as appealing as eye candy. And since the hubs likes to run the air on high in the summer months and I'm forever frozen, it may just be the perfect fit to keep warm. Oh, and did I mention they come in all sorts of sizes...yes, adult and mini. Mini! I mean...heart eyes!

All Photos via Lane & Mae

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