PC @sweetorangephoto

Brand Crush: Gemma + Filo

Accessories + girls (of all ages) are made for each other. So anything adorable in miniature form is nearly impossible for us to resist. And, well, buying for a mini is so much easier than shopping for ourselves. Since we are dyyyyyying over these adorable bohemian tassel style necklaces, we had a feeling you might too. From boho tassels to feather collars, these necklaces can literally make the outfit. Before you click on the pics and realize they are all sold out (steaming emoji face)...we can redeem the situation, since Gemma + Filo are restocking tonight at 9pm! So we'll be putting the babes to bed and ordering up!

PC @sweetorangephoto

PC @sweetorangephoto

PC @sweetorangephoto

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