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Brand Crush: Daughter Co. (sons too)

This is the sort of brand that you see one piece from and rush to their website to look at the collection. And when you get there, ALL OF IT is just as good as the one piece you saw somewhere on social, or on some child that you literally stalked their mom through a market to find out where their outfit was from. You know you've been in that situation before. It's okay, it happens to the best of us!

Kids' fashion is incredibly attractive these days and brands like Daughter Co offer such cool, timeless, effortless style that any mother would be proud to have their child wearing, and maybe their next one, and the one after that (you get the idea). Not to mention, like many of the awesome Australian brands, you won't find it sitting in every kids' clothing store, which makes it that much more desirable. And although the label is Daughter Co., don't be mislead, they have adorable boys clothing too. Be forewarned, some of these adorable pieces are on back order, for obvious reasons...

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Maja JumperPC Daughterco.com

Cedar ShortallPC Daughterco.com

Dusk PinaforePC Daughterco.com

Anouk DressPC @daughterco

Inca RomperPC Daughterco.com

Lior RomperPC @ameliafullarton

PC Daughterco.com

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