Beat the Holiday Stress

...all really FUN things (except an increase in traffic, and the grocery shopping really). But when crammed into a short period of time, all the additions to everyday life are definitely a cocktail for stress. If your to-do list looks anything like this (which we're pretty sure it does), then these stress relief tips are essential, and maybe one of the only ways to keep de-stressed through the holidays. And one more thing...start now.

Do less, enjoy more.

Easier said than done, especially if Santa needs a lot of help from you (wink). Take the non-essentials off the list. Ask for help. And remember the holidays are meant to be fun for everyone, including you.

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Citrus aroma really, it is proven to alleviate stress. So it may be time for a citrus candle (or ten), hand cream...or both. As much citrus as you can handle.

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Don't talk politics

...because it's a total buzz kill, and actually, more like depression for oh, about half the population right now. Check out The Non-Political Party Talking Points for ideas to skirt around the subject.


Take all the lavender you can get. It is a magical solution when it comes to stress. Face masks, lotion, bath bomb, name it. Oh, and the 18-in-1 hemp lavender Dr. Bronner's pure-castile soap...bathing in it daily is not a bad idea (for the foreseeable future).

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Soak in a hot bath twice, or weekly (if you can make the time) in December. Plus a scrub or any additional treatments...the more pampering the better.

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And if you "ain't got time for that" then here's a list of cocktails to try. Oh and keep your routines...don't drop your normal activities, they may be just what keeps you balanced! Yoga anyone? Om.

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