Back to School Wardrobe Essentials

It's that time of year again when summer comes to a wrap and all of a sudden you realize kids are going back to school and need a slew of new items. Since shopping for our mini is a regular occurrence, the closet may be well stocked, but not ready for paint splatters and climbing monkey bars on the playground. So when it comes to back to school, we're looking for something that reflects our mini's stylish wardrobe, but that we can live with it getting stained or torn (although we still hope not). And since we're 99% sure we are not alone, we've put together shopping lists for preschool girls and boys, that are cool and the price tag is even cooler. Take a peek...

Preschool Girls

Charcoal Dress | Leather Plimsolls | Denim Jacket | Long Sleeve T-shirt | Overalls | Patent Bluchers | Ruffle V Top | Capris | Bootcut Jeans | Stripe Dress

Preschool Boys

Quilted Jacket | Cotton Pull-On Pants | Fabric Mid-top Sneaker | YinYang Tee | Pocket T-shirt | Adidas Sneakers | Black Jeans | Sweatshirt | Padded Vest | Joggers

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