Valentine's Day is definitely one of the sweetest holidays of the year, and although it is very easy to get caught up in the sugar rush of conversation hearts and all that good stuff, really all you need is LOVE. Lucky for us, love is all around us and pours our of our little ones daily (along with LOTS of drama, but all we seem to remember is the love). Yet explaining what 'love' is to a little one is tricky since it's intangible, but something they have heard from the second they were born. They know the words, they know they are often accompanied with a hug or cuddle, they know a heart symbolizes love, and they even know how to top you with "I Love you more"...which always melts the heart.

So in preparation for the big heart day, we helped our littles celebrate with their closest friends, hugs, hearts, and the important message of "All you need is LOVE". Okay, there was a little bit of sugar too...sort of unavoidable! They partied out the meaning of love, with kisses and hugs, playing nice, and sharing with friends. Let's just say, being a threenager never looked so fun. And, although it's tough to compete with likes of Christmas, we can safely say that Valentine's Day is now high on their favorite holiday list...actually we may just rename it to All-You-Need-Is-LOVE Day around here.

Sources listed below


Photography - Stephanie Elliott Photography

Design & Styling - Casey A Friese of Likely Crush

Oxfords Shoes - Piper Finn Footwear

Dresses & Tops by Vivie & Ash

Cookies & Cupcakes - Palmers Market

Location - Neat Coffee

Tableware - Meri Meri

Valentine's party decor - Urban Outfitters