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When your nickname might as well be plant killer, but you want to have something green in your house that isn't plastic, you have to find the lowest of low maintenance plants around and start there. Since I safely fall in this category, I may be considered an expert (of course, not really) on low maintenance plants. So when a friend bought me an air plant a year ago, I knew how well she knew me. And since then my collection has grown and I am proud to say they are all alive and well. They are easier to care for than a cactus, don't involve any soil, and can live literally anywhere in the house. So, if you're in the market for a hint of pale green to add some natural styling around the house, and if by chance you're in my "plant killer" boat, these are right up your alley.

Giant Tillandis

Tillandis Medium

Tillandis Medium

Whilst you can find them in nearly any local garden center, if you are not local to a Terrain, they have a small selection available online (pictured above).

Medium Tillandis

No air plant is complete without a touch of styling...and these vessels perfect. But styling can also be as simple as sitting one on a shelf or stack of books if you fancy.

Geo Hanging Terrariums

Taylor Bud Vase

Open Oval Terrarium

To take your air plant situation to the next level...this is just the right dose of inspiration and instruction.

Miniscapes: Create your own terrarium

A few small facts from a plant killer:

The air plant's more formal name is Tillandis.

There are several varieties, so should you want to see what they look like and figure out your favorites click Here (bonus they also sell and ship them).

They require ambient light and watering a couple times a week for short periods of times (depending on size and conditions in your home) - consider these are simple mini baths, they just need to float in a little water.

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