Hi. Welcome to Likely Crush. Our thought is that we cannot possibly be alone when it comes to crushing over stylish finds for women and kids. So we're here to edit, curate, with our sunny filter on it all, and provide you with daily doses on trends, style guides, what-to-wear, cool brands, shops, and more. Whether you're a stay home mom, career women, budding entrepreneur, or a mix of it all, Likely Crush is the destination to be inspired by, keep up on trends, and the gateway to where-to-get-it-all for you and your mini (or your friend's mini, if you don't have one).

We've put together a resource filled with bite-sized, conversational articles bringing you your next crush. Our articles are written by women, for women, and are authentic crushes selected by our team.

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We'll always keep it fun, be stylish, look for and most often share the new new, and be your copycat source for day-to-day lifestyle. At a minimum we've got you covered for the sun-soaked, palm tree shaded, sandy feet lifestyle...our favorite state of being.

Casey & Jen

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We are two creative gals who love sunshine, fashion, decorating, our littles...and an occasional flamingo ride; pretty much the bright side of life!

Casey Armstrong-Friese: Founder & Creative Director

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Tracie Weaver - Kids

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Laura Lea - Living

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