Just Add Water

It's January, that time of the year we are probably the most aware of what we are consuming. Although I could drink coffee almost exclusively, the healthiest drink on the planet is water. It hydrates us, prevents headaches, is great for our skin (and that glow that we are so willing to spend money on skincare products to try to create), it boosts our energy levels, and supports a healthy immune system. So, next time you go to reach for something, anything, to drink, think about how much water you have had so far in the day and consider grabbing water instead of whatever else you had in mind. It's probably the easiest thing you can do...easier than diets or detoxing. Literally, just add water.

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And if you are drinking purified water, not tap, Boxed Water is better! What you find on the inside is just as good as it looks on the outside. It's responsible, minimizes the carbon footprint in shipping, and using a renewable resource for the carton which is also 100% recyclable. So if you haven't tried it, you may want to the next time you come across it. And if nothing else, it feels fun to drink water from a look-a-like milk carton. Wink.

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